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Fashion and beauty photographer Kris Fulk used a MOLA Demi white to shoot these portraits for a personal project.

Born in Laguna, Philippines, Kris Fulk is a fashion photographer based in North Carolina. She immigrated to New York City when she was only 10 years old. In the fall of 2001, Kris was accepted into the fashion design program of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Witnessing the fall of the Twin Towers during September 11, however, precipitated her enlistment into the United States Navy. She served as an aviation electrician’s mate, working on F/A 18s for four years until her honorable discharge at the age of 23. Since then she has graduated magna cum laude from St. Mary’s College of Southern Maryland with a Studio Art/ Art History degree focused on photography and illustration, and pursues her love for fashion and art through her camera.






Mola user: Eric Fagerheim

Eric Fagerheim is a photographer based in Norway where he runs his company

»I enjoy all types of photography from fashion, composite images to weddings, I find challenges in them all.

I have been shooting for more than five years now, and always try to make my images unique. My style often comes from how I light my set, more time spent lighting means less time editing. My rule is that one image shouldn’t take more than an hour to edit. The past two years I’ve spent studying 3D graphics, so that I can implement new elements into my images.

Beside shooting I do run some occasional workshops concentrating on fashion style.

I use my Mola DEMI 22″ for almost every shoot and often combine other modifiers. I find my Mola gives me soft light and contrast as well, which gives my images that extra punch. It’s great for close up beauty shots and full body. It’s is a very important tool.«








Shake, Rattle and Roll

»I wanted a strong contrasty look with deep shadows and didn’t mind some drop off, I also shot this on the tungsten colour balance to give the shots a cooler colour cast.

I asked my stylist to source a few things for me when she was working on another shoot – I wanted a slight androgynous feeling but some shots with a more feminine twist which is indicative of the era. Its important with fashion to not be to literal when you are shooting an era style – it must be a modern interpretation of just referencing some key elements and using current fashion and makeup trends otherwise it can look too costume and themed.

I also wanted to use the Coke Can in the hair – Diet Coke though to give another dimension to the look. Initially I had thought it would be a beauty shoot but as I shot it I decided it would work best with some long shots also.

I work with some very clever people, the talented Sara Allsop was on hair and Paige Best on makeup.«

Fiona Quinn