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Mola user: Matt Baxter

Today we feature Toronto based fashion photographer Matt Baxter. Matt is a freelance photographer specialising in beauty, fashion and editorial work. He has a long list of clients spanning from over a decade of creating amazing imagery. His portfolio includes clients such as Sony, Bell, CIBC and Thermos. Matt produces award winning fashion work with the white Mola 22″ Demi. Below are some examples of his work. Visit his website – to see more of his stunning imagery.

Matt also has a blog you can check out here.

Mola spotted: Kori Richardson for Elle Canada


The July 2010 issue of Elle Canada Magazine we see a 28″ Setti used to shoot the cover and editorial, featuring fashion model Kori Richardson. Funny, the last time we spotted a mola used for an Elle Canada shoot was July 2009! Photographer John Van Der Schilden shot the images at S1 studios in Canada.

and a behind-the-scenes video courtesy of Elle Canada (click on the image to visit their page)

HoneyGrids offers Mola grids

Recently we released the Mola FlxGrid for the 22″ Demi which are currently available for purchase from Adorama and B&H or directly from Mola. The Flxgrid white will be available mid August.

We are excited to announce the new 25 and 45 degree grids for all of Mola’s beauty dishes courtesy of HoneyGrids. HoneyGrids are the only polycarbonate grid that are CUSTOM made for Mola.

Like the FlxGrids we have extensively tested the HoneyGrids for their rigiditiy, mounting and ability to cope with high temperatures. The grids are created to fit snugly inside the recessed outer lip of the dish and secured with velcro fasteners. The grids have an aluminum channel around the grid which adds strength and protection to the edges.

We tested the 28″ Setti Silver + HoneyGrid combo with a Joker 800 from K 5600 HMI lighting to test for temperature handling. The heat and light generated from these units is substantially higher than the modelling lights you would find on studio strobes. The tubular polycarbonate construction had no problem taking the heat!

The new grids can be ordered directly via HoneyGrids –