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Molas spotted: Andi Muise shoot


Over at Fashion Television we have spotted a 33.5″ Mola Euro and 22″ Mola Demi in use. In the video below John Sayer-White photographs Andi Muise (Canadian Supermodel) wearing Brandon Dywer’s stunning collection. I love the choice of location for the shoot – a drained swimming pool! The video also contains some final production images from the shoot.

Click the image below to view the video…

Mola spotted: Serena off-court


Celebrity photographer John Russo shoots Serena Williams with a Mola. Actual capture time was around 5 mins for the shot, the lighting setup beforehand around an hour. A brilliant example of being prepared for your clients. Serena’s response to the image captured? “The client loved the shot”
Make sure you check out John’s website:

visit the article here for info on the shoot.

Mola user: Nancy Brown


In Nancy Brown‘s new photography book – ‘People Photography: Capturing Lifestyle for Art & Stock‘ we spot a 33.5″ Mola Euro in use!
Mola’s are not just for model-ly fashion photos, master photographer Nancy proves they are just as amazing at creating lifestyle images. Nancy was one of the earliest adopters of the Mola Euro, picking one up nearly 25 years ago! She came across Mola softlights at the first Photoplus Expo Mola exhibited at in New York.

Nancy Brown’s website:

The below photos were taken from the book which also includes Nancy discussing her lighting…

and groups of people…

News: Mola FLXGrid!

A new exciting product announced below!
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Mola introduces the 22” FLXGrid for the 22″ Mola Demi. This custom made grid is made of a tough, flexible polycarbonate cell material. Unlike aluminum honeycomb, which is widely used for grids, this product lends itself to rigorous use in the studio and on location.

As each cell is tubular it is inherently more stable than traditional aluminum cell design and is less likely to collapse and does not crush like aluminum.

Specifically designed by Mola for the Demi, it fits into the grid lip and secures quickly with four Velcro tabs.
The new Mola FLXGrid will ship starting December 21st, 2009

A 28″ FLXGrid will also be available in early January 2010.

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