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Mola user: Polina Osherov – Living Doll shoot

We recently came across a lovely shoot  by talented Indianapolis fashion photographer, Polina Osherov. Here Polina uses a speedlight mounted on the Mola Lumi bracket with the 22″ Demi.

“For lighting, I used my Mola beauty dish as the key light and filled either with available light or one of my speedlights bounced off a reflector. The hair light was either John’s video light or one of my AB800s with the snoot modifier.”

One of the advantages of using a speedlight with a softlight, such as the 22″ Demi, is the ability to produce really low lighting (without the need to use ND {neutral density} filters over more powerful lights) and the compact, portable nature of such a setup.

Read up on their thoughts from the shoot on their blog post here.

and some final stills…


News: Mola Lumi Bracket

The NEW Mola Lumi tilt bracket was created to mount speedlights / lightweight strobes on the existing 22″ Mola Demi (sold seperately). The bracket mounts on alternative screws of the demi, allowing for easy removal of the interior diffuser. Included with the bracket design is a completely new Lumilux diffuser, specifically optimised for the output of these smaller strobe units to give you the trademark mola-light output.

Photos taken with the Lumi / Demi combo will be added to this blog shortly.

bracket includes a tilt-swivel head and 2 removable coldshoes…

Canon 580ex II speedlight mounted with Pocketwizard Multimax…

the new Lumilux diffuser disc…

Further details over at the Mola website here.

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