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The secrets of creating dramatic headshots

Michael Corsentino is an award-winning contemporary photographer, lighting evangelist, author, speaker and workshop leader.

His 30 year love affair with the magic and science of photography has allowed him to create stylish, dramatic and edgy images. Michael also enjoys educating others about everything photography including business workflow and strategies.

In this issue of Shutter Magazine Michael details the secrets to creating dramatic headshots.

Please click here to be directed to the PDF (25MB).


Seminar: Wedding Warrior Survival Guide

Incredible wedding / fashion photographer Walter Malabehar Cantu (of Kaizen Photo) is hosting a seminar on wedding photography and lighting on the 30th of January 2010 at Calumet Chicago. Walter has previously been featured on our ‘Who’s Using‘ section of the main Mola Light website. The seminar deals with a number of different lighting styles, but he will also cover Mola products.

Details on the seminar are here.

Also check out his blog for some mola-ry mention.

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