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Mola spotted: Miley Cyrus – Cosmo cover


In this behind-the-scenes video we spot a Mola 43.5″ Mantti being used alongside a Para for the Cosmopolitan Magazine covershoot with actress Miley Cyrus. Interestingly, in some of the photos, the photographer uses 2 large light sources to cast two directional shadows almost giving the pictures a sort of ‘ringlight’ appearance.

Here is the video with some grabs and edits below it…






Mola’s spotted: Pere Larrègula & Llumm Studios

Saludo to our Spanish friends!

In this bts video we see Barcelona photographer Pere Larregula shoot with some of the Mola range at the Spanish Llumm studios, courtesy of Innovofoto distribution. At the 3:00 minute mark he talks about his experience with Mola from the shoot. Some stunning results from a talented shooter!

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, its great viewing to see how Pere goes about his shots. In Pere’s blog post from this test shoot,

He mentions how the undulated rippled design of the mola soft lights, produces a more realistic, dimensional light which is less flat than other softlights. Certainly when working with medium format, he can notice a difference in the skin and clothing detail from images produced with the Mola range.

The following video has been put together by photographer Daniel Torrello

and here is some still images from the shoot:

mola 22″ demi…

mola 33″ euro…

mola 33″ euro gridded…

mola 33″ euro…

More images and some of his thoughts (in Spanish) on his blogpost here; and Pere’s website is at