Linus Pettersson

“My name is Linus Pettersson and I am a 27 year old photographer and retoucher based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

My interest in photography goes way back, but it’s during the last few years that it has become professional and even more rewarding than when it was simply a hobby.

I started my photographic journey with concert and nightlife/event photography. Mostly in the Rock scene, But also movie premieres and galas, the red carpet stuff, in Stockholm. Around this time I also began to shoot some promotional pictures for a couple of bands and all of a sudden I realised: I need to be able to control the light! I started to play around with those and experiment with lighting, and man that was fun! I started doing more and more portraits, and loved to try out different kinds of lighting setups. I also made some DIY-reflectors and such to get different results with the limited gear I had.

My interest for Makeup and beauty photography quickly grew and i was constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. This is when i found out about Mola Softlights and the Mola Light Blog.

I searched for info about the Mola Softlights everywhere, even with google images for inspiration. The pictures that photographers had taken with the different Molas were stunning to say the least and i thought to myself: I need a Mola!
One day when I was browsing the Buy/sell section of a Swedish photography site I was surprised to see that there were a photographer in my city that sold a Mola Setti with a speed ring for Elinchrom. I called him up directly and met with him the day after.

The first thing that struck me was the build quality! And the way it sculpts the light that comes out of it has something a little extra compared to any modifiers I have tried in the past. Its hard to put a finger on it. Must be magic! Here’s a couple of shots I’ve taken with the Mola Setti, white interior, with both the PAD and OPAL installed on an Elinchrom style 600rx.

The Mola Setti has become my go-to-modifier when it comes to beauty/makeup photography, it is so versatile. I would recommend it to anyone!”









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