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  1. Daniel says:

    Did you stack with the opal glass? If so, how hard was it to install? I am having a hell of a time stacking the Rayo (installing) with the opal glass.

  2. Mola says:

    Yes, you can use the PAD and stack the Opal glass with the Rayo.

    I would use either, or, not both as it will diminish the center from allowing a reasonable amount of light through. Especially as this is where the reflectors center focus is.

    If your using just the PAD, space isn’t an issue.

    If your using just the Opal glass, attach the rods to the clips, then hang the clips and rods off the edge of the opal so that they are inline above the screws below.

    Start all 4 screws into the back of the reflector and have just enough thread so that you can put the washer on it and have a bit of thread exposed so you can line up the rods.

    Screw in one rod, but not all the way, then the remaining three. Then tighten all of them. If you did stack the PAD and Opal the process would be the same.

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