Tip: Case it!

Although the Mola’s are built like a ‘brick outhouse‘, there is still good reason to keep them cased, especially if you use them on-location.

Here are some casing options:

Versa Flex – Demi, Setti, Euro & Mantti cases
Tenba Aircases
Treekeeperbag – soft christmas Wreath storage bags – 24, 36, 48″ varieties.

The smaller dishes can often fit standard Drum cases (as in the boom boom tish drums). They are available in hardcases and your local music store might have some larger, second-hand ones lying around. Buy new from Gator cases, SKB cases etc. Larger dishes – 28″+ you’ll have to search for the marching bass drum cases.

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  1. Jeff says:

    The drum case sounds like a great idea. I need something to prevent shipping damage and normal everyday hits from being on location. The standard vinyl bags I have seen just won’t do much for protection. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Tim Gleason says:

    You can also use the original shipping cases (sonotube) the dishes come in. They are a little too tall once rigged up to be fully enclosed but it protects the fronts and sides well if you are just going in a van or truck. Maybe Mola could ship in a little deeper tube and it would be an istant enclosed case? I’d be stoked.

  3. Steve Puppe says:

    Musician’s Friend has several marching drum cases that will work for the Setti and possibly the Euro.

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