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Mola Compression V2 installation

This is the exploded diagram that ships with the Mola Softlights, on how to setup your mola from shipment.

This compression method uses the pressure of the black compression ring to hold the speedring in place against the back of the soft light. If the speedring turns, use the added black rubber o-ring to stop it doing so.

The spacers should be setup to allow at least an inch gap between the strobes flash head and the deflector (PAD / OPAL) to allow adequate heat to escape. Different lengths of the spacers are included for the different brands of strobe that a user may want to use with the mola. (see here if you want to stack your central deflectors)

This mounting hardware is available separately should you lose your existing hardware.

Click image to see bigger / print off.

Mola compression ring

News: New Compression V2 + FLXGrid White

We are excited to announce the following products to the Mola range;

Compression V2

After a long absence Mola re-introduces the Compression ring – speed ring mounting system called CompressionV2. CompressionV2 will be our standard speed ring mounting system starting in January 2010.

Now the quickest and easiest way of mounting a variety of speed rings (see, in steel or aluminum.

CompressionV2 works by applying equal pressure around the outside lip or body of the speed ring in conjunction with an adhesive gasket, which reduces spinning of a speed ring. The V2 attaches with four screws and does not interfere with the mounting screws for the rods, which hold your P.A.D., Opal glass or Lumiplex diffusers. This system will fit any Mola manufactured in the past 10 years and is also available as an upgrade kit with just the V2 ring, hardware and adhesive gasket.

Contact us for details.

FLXGrid White

The FLXGrid White is identical in cell size and thickness to our FLXGrid Black. The white polycarbonate grid allows for a unique combination of a grid and a diffuser in one product. Unlike a standard black grid that has a center core of light with a dramatic fall off, the white grid has a softer center core of light. The fall off is then softened creating a diffused, and truly unique quality of light.

Contact us for details.

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