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Mola users: Epaillard + Machado – Face Bike Project

Talented French photography and film-making team, Epaillard and Machado, bring us a very interesting project they recently lensed. During the 31st International Motorcycling Meeting in Faro, Portugal, they approached bikers to make non-traditional portraits of them. This event attracts some 80,000 people each year so they weren’t short on subjects to photograph!

Doing away with makeup, fashion and possibly every hint of conventional fashion beauty, they photograph some tough-looking bikers.

In fact they were all very kind and very interested in our project…so we plan to go back next year (with our Mola for sure :))

They photographed these unconventional portraits with a white 22″ mola demi and white flxGrid.
Here’s a bts video of them in action…


FaceBike Making off Moto Clube Faro 2012 from Epaillard+Machado on Vimeo.

and some final stills from the days of shooting…

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

Mola users: Kat + Duck – Tarred & Feathered

We have had a number of amazing submissions recently, from previous featured photographers and some new photographers.

Today we introduce fashion and beauty photography team, Kat & Duck from Brooklyn, New York. They share with us a recent editorial they shot for Z!NK magazine titled ‘Tarred and Feathered’. In this shoot they used a white 22″ Mola demi with OPAL central deflector and a black grid.

Here are some of their stunning images, with the final inclusions in Z!NK at the end.

more of their awesomeness here;


Mola user: Nelson Lai – Sloans shoot

Dipping back down-under, we say g’day to Sydney fashion photographer, Nelson Lai. Nelson brings us some lovely images from his recent photoshoot for Sloans, a high-end hair stylist in Sydney.

Nelson used two Mola’s to light these shots. The fill light was a white 28″ Mola Setti unsocked with OPAL central deflector and the main light being a white 22″ Mola Demi with white mola flxgrid.

Mola was the first to bring the white grid to the market. It offers a soft transition and diffusion together with the channeled characteristic of a traditional black grid.


 More of Nelson’s work can be viewed at his website;



Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Winter Portfolio build

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear brings us some lovely winter images (Australian winter currently) he lensed recently as part of a model’s portfolio build. All the following images were lit with the white 22″ mola demi with stacked central OPAL + PAD diffusers. Either the diffusion sock was used to get some really sort subtle lighting for fill or the white 22″ mola FLXgrid was used for some more angled light.

Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Dark Monsoon shoot

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear takes a break from his current busy season to shoot some personal fashion work as a collaboration, titled ‘Dark Monsoon’. It was shot in some local rainforest, adding smoke for visual effects and using his white 22″ mola demi (with stacked OPAL and PAD diffusers) as the main light.

“The mola demi really is my go-to location modifier. I can get a really soft diffused look with it, but I can also use my white mola flxgrid and get a harder look from it. Its size and portability really makes it just about the only modifier I use outdoors.”

white mola demi with white mola flxgrid, no sock…

and a grab from a bts video…

white mola demi with white sock…

and the white demi without grid or sock… (stacked)

more of Jonathan @

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FlxGrid Comparison

Toronto based fashion photographer Matt Baxter has done a quick test using the 2 different FlxGrids, we have developed, showing the difference in light quality and output.

Using a 22″ white Mola Demi with OPAL glass deflector the only changes were to the front of the grid;

First frame is just with the standard nylon diffuser sock, no grid
2nd frame is modified with the Black 25° FlxGrid
Last frame is modified with the White 25° FlxGrid

As you can see the new white Flxgrid not only grids the light but also softens the edges as well vs the black FlxGrid’s light. The white construction of the White FlxGrid makes it unlike any other grid on the market.

The Black FlxGrid’s are currently available from B&H and Adorama and the White FlxGrid will be available by the end of September.

News: New Compression V2 + FLXGrid White

We are excited to announce the following products to the Mola range;

Compression V2

After a long absence Mola re-introduces the Compression ring – speed ring mounting system called CompressionV2. CompressionV2 will be our standard speed ring mounting system starting in January 2010.

Now the quickest and easiest way of mounting a variety of speed rings (see, in steel or aluminum.

CompressionV2 works by applying equal pressure around the outside lip or body of the speed ring in conjunction with an adhesive gasket, which reduces spinning of a speed ring. The V2 attaches with four screws and does not interfere with the mounting screws for the rods, which hold your P.A.D., Opal glass or Lumiplex diffusers. This system will fit any Mola manufactured in the past 10 years and is also available as an upgrade kit with just the V2 ring, hardware and adhesive gasket.

Contact us for details.

FLXGrid White

The FLXGrid White is identical in cell size and thickness to our FLXGrid Black. The white polycarbonate grid allows for a unique combination of a grid and a diffuser in one product. Unlike a standard black grid that has a center core of light with a dramatic fall off, the white grid has a softer center core of light. The fall off is then softened creating a diffused, and truly unique quality of light.

Contact us for details.

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