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Mola spotted: Miley Cyrus – Cosmo cover


In this behind-the-scenes video we spot a Mola 43.5″ Mantti being used alongside a Para for the Cosmopolitan Magazine covershoot with actress Miley Cyrus. Interestingly, in some of the photos, the photographer uses 2 large light sources to cast two directional shadows almost giving the pictures a sort of ‘ringlight’ appearance.

Here is the video with some grabs and edits below it…






Llumm Studios & Innovafoto Mola test

Our fantastic friends at Llumm Studios, Valencia Spain, recently teamed up with the Spanish Mola distributor, Innovafoto, to create a comprehensive Mola test. There intention was to recreate the same conditions for each softlight, so they could appreciate the differences that exist among the different Mola range.

“I am just excited about the new Mola reflectors. My company, Llumm Studios, in collaboration with Innovafoto, has collected each Mola reflector model to arrange a comprehensive test of their differences and peculiarities. … I hope this analysis helps you in choosing your Mola. Although the tests are very exhaustively done, you know results can be changed simply by zooming in or out any on these light sources.”

“The test has two parts: First, focused on the model, Charles, and secondly we took general shots where we could see the light effect over a large area. We will check the differences in shadows and contrast and also the range and light fall-off of each Mola reflector.”

Read up on the testing here – (in spanish)

Below is a behind-the-scenes video of the testing process…

and see the results from their test here: (including images like that shown below, click on the issuu ‘expand’ link)

click below for a bigger version… (courtesy Llumm Studios, translated by Mola)


Mola/s spotted: John van der Schilden for Elle Canada July 2011


Today we spot a Mola 43″ Mantti and Mola 28″ Setti being used by the fabulous John van der Schilden for Elle Canada Magazine. In this July 2011 issue we see Tanzanian born model, Herieth Paul, grace the cover at only 17 years old. John takes to the rooftop with the big Mantti and smaller setti to create these gorgeous images. Location lighting and Mola equipment was provided by S1 Studios in Toronto.

and assistant Paolo Croistante making sure the Mantti didnt go anywhere…

more of John’s work over on his website: and sign up to the s1 studio newsletter to see more location shoots like this.

Mola User: Garigosa Studios, Barcelona

Today we look at the stunning Mola work from Garigosa Studios in Barcelona.

Behind Garrigosa Studio we find Joan Garrigosa (Photographer) and Alex Torrens (postproduction), a collaboration that exceeds 12 years. Both have adapted very well to the fast change from traditional photography to digital photography, where in the demanding world of advertising is taking more weight, especially with the entrance of the postproduction.

Joan began as a photographer doing social reportage, followed by industrial photo work. Gradually he started collaborating with some advertising agencies in Barcelona. After a while, greater versatility has allowed him to work in all photo fields and for all types of clients and projects, both domestic and international.

Make sure you check out their website:

Garigosa Studios shoots regularly with 3 of the Mola Softlights, the 28″ Silver Setti, 33.5″ White Euro and the 43.5″ White Mantti.

Here is some stellar images from 2 of their recent campaigns;


Thanks Joan and Alex for your incredible images!

Mola User: Brad Trent

Today we peek into the gallery of uber talented editorial photographer, Brad Trent. Just from the small sample of images Brad provided us below, you can see he is in high demand with his portrait work. Brad runs a New York studio called Damn Ugly Photography but his images are anything but.

We initially stumbled onto him back on a strobist blog post here, and found he had these words to say about Mola Softlights…

“I own… a 22″ Mola ‘Demi’, and we regularly rent the larger Mola Setti (28″) and Euro (33″) dishes. To me, they give you a much more interesting quality of light than simply tossing up a bank and they don’t generally have the problem of turning into sails when you find yourself out on a windy day! And with the Mola’s, the way they’re designed makes it much easier to get a soft light that still has a directional contrast to it. There is nothing I hate more than that ‘wall of light’ look….but then, when you look at my pictures you probably already guessed that!”

Visit his website – and bookmark his blog – to view some more stunning images.

Mola 22″ Demi – Bon Jovi

Mola 28″ Setti – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Mola 28″ Setti – Edie Falco

Mola 33″ Euro – Astronauts

Mola 43.5″ Mantti – Steven Spielberg

Thanks for the fantastic share Brad!

Mola user: Colin Anderson

Canadian born Colin Anderson moved to Australia from a young age with his parents, studied advertising / design and later went on to pursue a career in photography. Although Colin considers himself a generalist, he would categorise his work as stylistic, conceptual and often narrative driven. His unique approach has taken him into the hands of big companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Panasonic, Canon, MTV, Time, Mastercard and Kodak to name a few.

Colin loves shooting with the 43.5″ Mola Mantti:

I’ve been shooting with the 43.5″ Mola Mantti for over a year now and just love the quality of the light. I’ve used it for editorial, advertising and corporate work which has included shooting everything from fashion to food. I’ve even used it while shooting  HD footage on the Canon 5D2 (link below) . This worked out great as the client required stills and l was able to easily switch back and forth without having to change my lighting set up. Great time saver.

Alot of his work is created as photoshop composites, expertly blending in elements to fulfil his visions. It is great to see some creative use of the Mola Softlights like this!

for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Colin was kind enough to also share his lighting setups

in the shot above, Colin uses the mantti pointed straight up, under the model

and the video Colin talked about earlier. Mola’s are the perfect match for continuous lighting as well as strobe.

CP video-colin anderson from Colin Anderson on Vimeo.

make sure you check out his website: and his blog.

Mola user: Jonathan Dear

Sydney wedding photographer Jonathan Dear of Vibrant Photography loves to create stunning fashion + bridal images on-location showcasing the beautiful Australian landscape. The Mola Softlight is his modifer of choice for the often harsh Australian environments for “… its rigidity, speed of setup and dealing with conditions such as wind”

“I just love the light output from the Mola dishes. I drag them everywhere with me, even lugging the mantti over remote locations like sanddunes is well worth the effort.”

It’s great to see the Mola range used outdoors…

28″ Silver Setti, no sock with stacked Opal + PAD center diffusers

28″ Silver Setti with sock, stacked center diffusers (Opal + PAD)

28″ Silver Setti with sock and PAD diffuser…

43.5″ White Mantti with sock and stacked center diffusers (Opal + PAD)