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Mola user: Fiona Quinn – M2 Desert Sun

New Zealand Fashion photographer, Fiona Quinn is back! Today she brings us a gorgeous editorial she shot for New Zealand’s M2 Magazine, titled ‘Desert Sun’. In this outdoor shoot she uses a single white 22″ Mola Demi beauty dish with her Hensel lighting.

I get asked a lot about my location lighting with Mola as its more subtle than a lot of people are used to seeing with location lighting – that is the beauty of Mola as it’s both clean, contrasty and soft at the same time; if that even makes sense and its very easy to use it to work with the natural light rather than competing against it

Fiona Quinn – and her thoughts on the shoot here.


Mola users: Epaillard + Machado – Face Bike Project

Talented French photography and film-making team, Epaillard and Machado, bring us a very interesting project they recently lensed. During the 31st International Motorcycling Meeting in Faro, Portugal, they approached bikers to make non-traditional portraits of them. This event attracts some 80,000 people each year so they weren’t short on subjects to photograph!

Doing away with makeup, fashion and possibly every hint of conventional fashion beauty, they photograph some tough-looking bikers.

In fact they were all very kind and very interested in our project…so we plan to go back next year (with our Mola for sure :))

They photographed these unconventional portraits with a white 22″ mola demi and white flxGrid.
Here’s a bts video of them in action…


FaceBike Making off Moto Clube Faro 2012 from Epaillard+Machado on Vimeo.

and some final stills from the days of shooting…

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

FaceBike_31st International Motorcycle Meeting

Mola user: Jonathan Dear on weddings

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear brings us some lovely wedding day images he has created with the white 22″ Mola Demi.

“I love the portability of the Demi. I have tried soft-boxes, umbrellas and wide reflectors over the years but nothing compares to the Mola Demi. I can have it setup real fast and I don’t have to worry about wind outdoors.”

He uses a lightweight 600w Profoto lithium pack with the Demi mounted on a boom-stick and held by an assistant.

“It means I can move around alot, a sort of run and gun style shooting which is essential for the fast paced nature of a wedding day.” 

“I even use it for the family formal photos on the wedding day, and I’m able to get quite alot of spread out of it.”

Most of the time he uses his Demi unsocked, with either an OPAL or stacked OPAL + PAD centre diffuser configuration.

Here’s some of his images taken with the 22″ Demi…


















IMG_0221B &


Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Winter Portfolio build

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear brings us some lovely winter images (Australian winter currently) he lensed recently as part of a model’s portfolio build. All the following images were lit with the white 22″ mola demi with stacked central OPAL + PAD diffusers. Either the diffusion sock was used to get some really sort subtle lighting for fill or the white 22″ mola FLXgrid was used for some more angled light.

Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Dark Monsoon shoot

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear takes a break from his current busy season to shoot some personal fashion work as a collaboration, titled ‘Dark Monsoon’. It was shot in some local rainforest, adding smoke for visual effects and using his white 22″ mola demi (with stacked OPAL and PAD diffusers) as the main light.

“The mola demi really is my go-to location modifier. I can get a really soft diffused look with it, but I can also use my white mola flxgrid and get a harder look from it. Its size and portability really makes it just about the only modifier I use outdoors.”

white mola demi with white mola flxgrid, no sock…

and a grab from a bts video…

white mola demi with white sock…

and the white demi without grid or sock… (stacked)

more of Jonathan @

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Mola user: Fiona Quinn – The Forest shoot

Fiona Quinn makes a trip over for Spring in Sydney, shooting the editorial ‘The Forest’, for the summer edition of M2 Women’s Magazine.

“I wanted this shoot to be soft and a little earthy – working with the natural light and subtle lighting – colours and textures and a natural environment.” says Fiona.

Fiona lights these portraits with a white 22″ Mola Demi with stacked PAD + OPAL diffusers and varying use of the diffusion sock. Once again we love her subtle use of Demi fill outdoors.

Further thoughts and behind-the-scenes photos are here and here on her personal

Mola user: Polina Osherov – Living Doll shoot

We recently came across a lovely shoot  by talented Indianapolis fashion photographer, Polina Osherov. Here Polina uses a speedlight mounted on the Mola Lumi bracket with the 22″ Demi.

“For lighting, I used my Mola beauty dish as the key light and filled either with available light or one of my speedlights bounced off a reflector. The hair light was either John’s video light or one of my AB800s with the snoot modifier.”

One of the advantages of using a speedlight with a softlight, such as the 22″ Demi, is the ability to produce really low lighting (without the need to use ND {neutral density} filters over more powerful lights) and the compact, portable nature of such a setup.

Read up on their thoughts from the shoot on their blog post here.

and some final stills…