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Mola User: Garigosa Studios, Barcelona

Today we look at the stunning Mola work from Garigosa Studios in Barcelona.

Behind Garrigosa Studio we find Joan Garrigosa (Photographer) and Alex Torrens (postproduction), a collaboration that exceeds 12 years. Both have adapted very well to the fast change from traditional photography to digital photography, where in the demanding world of advertising is taking more weight, especially with the entrance of the postproduction.

Joan began as a photographer doing social reportage, followed by industrial photo work. Gradually he started collaborating with some advertising agencies in Barcelona. After a while, greater versatility has allowed him to work in all photo fields and for all types of clients and projects, both domestic and international.

Make sure you check out their website:

Garigosa Studios shoots regularly with 3 of the Mola Softlights, the 28″ Silver Setti, 33.5″ White Euro and the 43.5″ White Mantti.

Here is some stellar images from 2 of their recent campaigns;


Thanks Joan and Alex for your incredible images!

Mola spotted: Behind the Scenes – GUESS Accessory S/S photoshoot


In this behind-the-scenes video of the GUESS Accessories Spring / Summer 2010 photoshoot we see a Mola 33.5 Euro being used.

Under the direction of GUESS, Inc. Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Marciano, and renowned photographer Yu Tsai, the GUESS spring / summer Accessories campaign features Vanessa Hessler and Bruno Santos, who also appear in the GUESS Spring 2010 main campaign.

No doubt you have seen some of the images from this shoot already…

As usual, more of Yu Tsai’s gorgeous work on his website:

Mola/s spotted: Rosie Huntington shoot by Yu Tsai – NSFW


WARNING: NSFW – female nudity involved.

In the below video we see amazing american Director / Photographer Yu Tsai photograph Actor / Model Rosie Huntington.

Yu Tsai has photographed celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Ashley Judd, Zhang Ziyi, Ewan McGregor, Rosario Dawson, Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller, Paz Vega, Ryan Reynolds, Sean Faris, Ryan Gosling and Zooey Deschanel, along with models including Alessandra Ambrosio, Liliana Dominguez, and Yamila Diaz. (ref: wikipedia)

Yu Tsai’s photography has also been featured in magazines including A Magazine, Arena, Flaunt, Harper’s Baazar, Marie Claire, Perfect, V Magazine and Vogue Japan.

A few times in the video below, we spot more than 1 Mola in use at a time. From the look of things it looks like the Mola 33″ Euro.

Make sure you check out Yu Tsai’s work on his website:

and some of the gorgeous final images after the jump below…


Mola User: Brad Trent

Today we peek into the gallery of uber talented editorial photographer, Brad Trent. Just from the small sample of images Brad provided us below, you can see he is in high demand with his portrait work. Brad runs a New York studio called Damn Ugly Photography but his images are anything but.

We initially stumbled onto him back on a strobist blog post here, and found he had these words to say about Mola Softlights…

“I own… a 22″ Mola ‘Demi’, and we regularly rent the larger Mola Setti (28″) and Euro (33″) dishes. To me, they give you a much more interesting quality of light than simply tossing up a bank and they don’t generally have the problem of turning into sails when you find yourself out on a windy day! And with the Mola’s, the way they’re designed makes it much easier to get a soft light that still has a directional contrast to it. There is nothing I hate more than that ‘wall of light’ look….but then, when you look at my pictures you probably already guessed that!”

Visit his website – and bookmark his blog – to view some more stunning images.

Mola 22″ Demi – Bon Jovi

Mola 28″ Setti – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Mola 28″ Setti – Edie Falco

Mola 33″ Euro – Astronauts

Mola 43.5″ Mantti – Steven Spielberg

Thanks for the fantastic share Brad!

Mola User: Matt Baxter II

Today we look at some more gorgeous images from Toronto based fashion photographer Matt Baxter. Matt is a freelance photographer specialising in beauty, fashion and editorial work. He has a long list of clients spanning from over a decade of creating amazing imagery.

This time the following images were produced using both the white 22″ Mola Demi and the 33″ Mola Euro together.

Visit his website – and his blog – to see some more awesome examples.

thanks Matt for your stunning images!

HoneyGrids offers Mola grids

Recently we released the Mola FlxGrid for the 22″ Demi which are currently available for purchase from Adorama and B&H or directly from Mola. The Flxgrid white will be available mid August.

We are excited to announce the new 25 and 45 degree grids for all of Mola’s beauty dishes courtesy of HoneyGrids. HoneyGrids are the only polycarbonate grid that are CUSTOM made for Mola.

Like the FlxGrids we have extensively tested the HoneyGrids for their rigiditiy, mounting and ability to cope with high temperatures. The grids are created to fit snugly inside the recessed outer lip of the dish and secured with velcro fasteners. The grids have an aluminum channel around the grid which adds strength and protection to the edges.

We tested the 28″ Setti Silver + HoneyGrid combo with a Joker 800 from K 5600 HMI lighting to test for temperature handling. The heat and light generated from these units is substantially higher than the modelling lights you would find on studio strobes. The tubular polycarbonate construction had no problem taking the heat!

The new grids can be ordered directly via HoneyGrids –

Mola user: Tim Gleason

Californian commercial photographer Tim Gleason of Tim Gleason Photography creates some stunning images with his Mola’s. Tim’s specialty is in tabletop product photography and his advertising photography has appeared in publications ranging from Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated to Architectural Digest.

these 4 images are taken with a white 33″ Mola Euro…

and using a white 28″ Mola Setti…

Tim’s website: