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Mola spotted: David Tessieri shoots Irina Shayk


We spot a 33″ Mola Euro used by New York fashion and advertising photographer, David Tessieri as he creates some gorgeous images with supermodel Irina Shayk. This ‘Baila, Luili Baila’ Spring / Summer 2011 collection was shot for Luli Fama Swimwear, on location at the Viceroy Miami Hotel, Miami.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes video below…

YouTube Preview Image

and the resulting images…

Mola user: Emily Soto – Monique Victoria

Chances are, if you’ve ever googled ‘mola setti’ you would have come across Californian fashion photographer Emily Soto’s gorgeous work.

In this shoot, Emily Soto shoots America’s Next Top Model contestant – Monique Victoria at the beach with a white 28″ Mola Setti and Alienbees flash.

YouTube Preview Image

and some finals from the shoot above…

Make sure you check out Emily’s blog and Youtube feed for some more behind-the-scenes and beautiful photography.

Mola user: Jonathan Dear – ethereal muse

We head back into the Southern Hemisphere again to catchup on some work by Sydney fashion and wedding photographer Jonathan Dear. Catching the last remaining autumn colours before they fade into winter, he organises a personal shoot with his model / muse, Nicole.

“I love the softness I can pull out of the Demi. It makes one amazing modifier for moving around a lot on location due to its size and weight. I find it is super efficient which allows me to shoot with lighter less powerful equipment which my assistants love!”

Here he is using a white Mola 22″ demi with stacked OPAL + PAD central diffusers with a white diffusion sock to compliment his ambient background. The demi and strobe-head was mounted on a boomstick for his assistant to walk around with.

and in this next shot, Jonathan turns the lights off and uses the white socked face of the demi as a small reflector to bounce natural light back into the model’s face.

Read up on his thoughts and some more shots on his blog post here. And his new website;

Mola user: Fiona Quinn – The Magicians Daughter

Fiona Quinn is back to bring us some stunning images from what she calls “…one of the most favourite shoot I have done”. Working with animals is never easy, especially with noisy equipment like smoke machines but “Othello was so chilled out we got away with it”. In this ethereal shoot, Fiona uses a socked 22″ Mola Demi as a gorgeous subtle fill light.

“I wanted the shoot to evoke the crisp chilly mornings of Spring when there is mist and magic in the air and a colour palette of light neutral tones with accents of metallics and peach.” If that was the brief a photographer was given, then Fiona nailed it and beyond!

Read up on Fiona’s personal thoughts and process behind this surreal shoot on her blogpost here.

and thanks Fiona for a behind-the-scenes pullback from the shoot…

Fiona Quinn and Team
(Model: Anmari, Makeup: Amber Haldane, Hair: Miguel lledo, Styling: Courtney Sanders, Retouching: Monica Chamorro)

Mola/s spotted: John van der Schilden for Elle Canada July 2011


Today we spot a Mola 43″ Mantti and Mola 28″ Setti being used by the fabulous John van der Schilden for Elle Canada Magazine. In this July 2011 issue we see Tanzanian born model, Herieth Paul, grace the cover at only 17 years old. John takes to the rooftop with the big Mantti and smaller setti to create these gorgeous images. Location lighting and Mola equipment was provided by S1 Studios in Toronto.

and assistant Paolo Croistante making sure the Mantti didnt go anywhere…

more of John’s work over on his website: and sign up to the s1 studio newsletter to see more location shoots like this.

Mola user: Fiona Quinn – The Distance

Heading back to New Zealand we check up on some more of Fiona Quinn’s latest beautiful work. Recently Fiona’s been very busy shooting outdoor editorials before the NZ winter sets in.
The shoot below was for M2 Woman’s Magazine. Fiona calling this editorial shoot ‘The Distance’, drawing on inspiration from a location she sourced literally by the side of the road. Head over to her blogpost on this shoot to read her thoughts and process.

Fiona uses a white 22″ demi up high with double diffusion (i.e. 2 diffusion socks) as some subtle fill for these shots. She shoots with the Hensel Porty Lithium 12.

Thanks for showing us your stunning work Fiona.
Visit her website; and her blog; for more inspirational work.

Mola user: Matt Lanham

Today we head downunder to Australia to visit Matt Lanham’s stunning work. Matt contacted us recently thanking us for creating the Mola Setti which he …”really started to fall in love with…” when using it on a recent swimwear shoot. The mola he was using was the 28″ Setti.

In his blog post from this shoot Matt comments;

“I purchased a Mola 28″ Setti a little while ago, and was quite fond of it, but it truly came out on its own in this shoot. It was fantastic at brightening up the overpowering sunlight, without destroying the sun’s strong shadow shapes. It also helped to brighten up Chelsea’s face and make her look incredibly glamorous. I could not think of any other modifier I would have preferred to use on this shoot other than the Setti.”

and here is some of his images from the shoot.
Make sure you hit his blogpost to read his further thoughts on the shoot.

thanks for the email and wonderful photos Matt!

Mola Spotted: Elle Make Better editorial shoot


We spot a white 28″ Mola Setti in use for the Elle Magazine’s Make Better editorial shoot, featuring model / actor Brooklyn Decker. Photography by Elle photographer – Matthias Vriens McGrath. The setti was un-socked with the OPAL central defector. Below is a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot with final stills screengrabbed below. An excellent example of a high-fashion (ahem) editorial shoot.

More of Matthias work on his website: