John van der Schilden wins at National Magazine Awards – Retouching by S1 Digital – Jeff Brown

Congratulations to Toronto and NYC based photographer John van der Schilden and the team for winning the beauty category of the 37th National Magazine Awards! Titled Masterpiece Theater / Elle Canada.

Retouching by S1 Digital Senior Retoucher Jeff Brown
Brittany Eccles, Art Director
Juliana Schiavinatto, Stylist
Vanessa Craft, Beauty Director





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Purple Reign

The new Rayo reflector and Fionna Quinn:
»I wanted this beauty shoot to have a darker but dramatic feeling and I wanted a direct contrasty, quite hard light source. The shadows would deep and crisp and there would be little spill onto the background.«

Fionna has added a diffused layer to the front of reflector to slightly soften the overall look without distorting the true effect of the reflector. The Rayo was designed not to use our standard diffusion material as it would compromise the directional quality we were after. Using different fabrics as well as the slightest amount of diffusion can make the light just right. Sometimes the slightest amount of the right material will be all it needs. We have found these products by Lee to be very useful.





Mola user: Eric Fagerheim

Eric Fagerheim is a photographer based in Norway where he runs his company

»I enjoy all types of photography from fashion, composite images to weddings, I find challenges in them all.

I have been shooting for more than five years now, and always try to make my images unique. My style often comes from how I light my set, more time spent lighting means less time editing. My rule is that one image shouldn’t take more than an hour to edit. The past two years I’ve spent studying 3D graphics, so that I can implement new elements into my images.

Beside shooting I do run some occasional workshops concentrating on fashion style.

I use my Mola DEMI 22″ for almost every shoot and often combine other modifiers. I find my Mola gives me soft light and contrast as well, which gives my images that extra punch. It’s great for close up beauty shots and full body. It’s is a very important tool.«