Stevie D Photography

Stevie is a Commercial Beauty and Fashion Photographer based in Houston, TX. Beauty has always been Stevie’s favorite genres of photography to shoot and he prides himself on delivering stunning clean images to his clients. He enjoys the creative process like no other and manages to always remember that the small details is what matters.

Stevie has been published numerous times in print magazines including Ellements, IMirage Latest, Elegant, Pump, Feroce, 7 Hues, Surreal, and many others.

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Behind the scenes with Art Steiber

All images: Art Streiber for Universal Studios

“Mola dishes do two jobs at once; they create a soft, beautiful, directional light, AND they don’t collapse in the wind.

While I also use Molas in the studio, they are my go-to modifier on location when I know that weather might be an issue.

Last summer we shipped two 43.5” Manti dishes and one 33.5” Euro dishes to Hawaii in order to tackle lighting in the wilds of the Kualoa valley on Oahu’s Windward Coast (the east side of the island).

Mola’s are an insurance policy…I know I’m covered with great, large-modifier light and I know they aren’t going to collapse!”

Art Steiber