Mola user: Fiona Quinn workshop

Wow so its been a while. It’s good to be back!

New Zealand fashion photographer, Fiona Quinn, recently ran a fashion photography workshop.

“This time we explored shooting for different magazine genres and working with new season Winter trends to produce shots that are current and fashion forward. Both shots use simple lighting techniques but produce quite different results.” she says.

here are some final images Fiona provided us with as well as a behind-the-scenes shot of her setup. In this case we see her using a white 28″ Mola Setti.

and her lovely as always results…

and some further shots from the workshop available on her blogpost here from the day.

“Our Workshop on May the 6th is all booked up but if you are interested in a future Workshop get in touch with me through my website contact form and I will send you all the information and let you know when the next one is. We may run one more before Winter sets in otherwise it will likely be later in the year.

You get to meet my amazing team and learn how to create a successful fashion shoot from start to finish.”


Mola spotted: Andrej Pejic Fashion magazine cover shoot


In this behind-the-scenes video of Australian male model Andrej Pejic shooting for Fashion Magazine, we spot a 22″ Mola Demi being used. It’s a white Demi with stacked PAD and Opal diffusers with the Vented Light Weight Diffuser, lit with the Profoto ProDaylight 800w HMI continuous light. The combination of continuous light and Mola Softlights means you can shoot seamlessly between stills and video without compromising on your light quality.

Shot at S1 Studios in Toronto, Canada by Moo King.

We’ll chat more about using continuous lighting and Mola in coming posts.

Here’s the bts video…

and the final cover image for the Feb 2012 Fashion Magazine…

Mola user: Fiona Quinn – The Forest shoot

Fiona Quinn makes a trip over for Spring in Sydney, shooting the editorial ‘The Forest’, for the summer edition of M2 Women’s Magazine.

“I wanted this shoot to be soft and a little earthy – working with the natural light and subtle lighting – colours and textures and a natural environment.” says Fiona.

Fiona lights these portraits with a white 22″ Mola Demi with stacked PAD + OPAL diffusers and varying use of the diffusion sock. Once again we love her subtle use of Demi fill outdoors.

Further thoughts and behind-the-scenes photos are here and here on her personal

Mola user: Fiona Quinn – Other World shoot

Heading into summer down in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand photographer and frequent contributor Fiona Quinn is back with a stunning black-sand shoot. ‘Other World’ was an editorial for M2 Woman’s Magazine. Fiona lit these photos with a white 22″ Mola Demi with PAD deflector, unsocked except for the last closeup where the diffusion sock was used.

Again make sure you check out Fiona’s blogpost on the shoot here.

We look forward to seeing summer through the eyes of Fiona in the coming months!
Fiona available at

Mola spotted: Carrie Underwood for SELF Magazine


We spot a white 33″ Mola Euro being used for this SELF magazine cover shoot with country singer Carrie Underwood, photographed by Stewart Shining. Like the previous SELF shoot we blogged earlier, a white 33″ Mola Euro has been used with the OPAL glass and no front diffuser.

Behind-the-scenes video from the shoot is below;

YouTube Preview Image

and some stills sourced from google images,


Mola user: Fiona Quinn – Veuve Noir shoot

Fiona Quinn makes our heart skip a beat again with her beautiful rendition of her ‘Veuve Noir’ shoot published in M2 Womans Magazine. Fiona lit this with a white 28″ Mola Setti, shot in studio at Kingsize Studios in Auckland, NZ.
More workshops are planned for early 2012 by Fiona in New Zealand – make sure you get a chance to read up on them on her blog (includes previous workshop images)

More thoughts and images on Fiona’s Veuve Noir blog post here.


Mola user: Polina Osherov – Living Doll shoot

We recently came across a lovely shoot  by talented Indianapolis fashion photographer, Polina Osherov. Here Polina uses a speedlight mounted on the Mola Lumi bracket with the 22″ Demi.

“For lighting, I used my Mola beauty dish as the key light and filled either with available light or one of my speedlights bounced off a reflector. The hair light was either John’s video light or one of my AB800s with the snoot modifier.”

One of the advantages of using a speedlight with a softlight, such as the 22″ Demi, is the ability to produce really low lighting (without the need to use ND {neutral density} filters over more powerful lights) and the compact, portable nature of such a setup.

Read up on their thoughts from the shoot on their blog post here.

and some final stills…


Llumm Studios & Innovafoto Mola test

Our fantastic friends at Llumm Studios, Valencia Spain, recently teamed up with the Spanish Mola distributor, Innovafoto, to create a comprehensive Mola test. There intention was to recreate the same conditions for each softlight, so they could appreciate the differences that exist among the different Mola range.

“I am just excited about the new Mola reflectors. My company, Llumm Studios, in collaboration with Innovafoto, has collected each Mola reflector model to arrange a comprehensive test of their differences and peculiarities. … I hope this analysis helps you in choosing your Mola. Although the tests are very exhaustively done, you know results can be changed simply by zooming in or out any on these light sources.”

“The test has two parts: First, focused on the model, Charles, and secondly we took general shots where we could see the light effect over a large area. We will check the differences in shadows and contrast and also the range and light fall-off of each Mola reflector.”

Read up on the testing here – (in spanish)

Below is a behind-the-scenes video of the testing process…

and see the results from their test here: (including images like that shown below, click on the issuu ‘expand’ link)

click below for a bigger version… (courtesy Llumm Studios, translated by Mola)